• Which Type Of Retinoid Is Right For You?

    Ever wondered which is the best type of retinoid for you? Is there a better type of retinoid for wrinkles or one that’s more suitable for acne-prone skin? With so many types of retinoid available, it can be tough to pick the right one for your unique skin types and concerns. Only one thing’s for […]

  • cbd oil skincare benefits

    CBD Oil: Can It Fight Both Acne And Wrinkles?

    Say what, there’s weed in my skincare?! Ever since the USA legalised the growth of cannabis as an “ordinary agriculture commodity” in 2018, CBD oil has invaded the aisles of all your fave beauty shops. I’m late to jump on the trend, I know. But I don’t do trends. I do science. For the past […]

  • oxybenzone in sunscreen

    Is Oxybenzone In Sunscreen Safe?

    Oxybenzone is probably the most controversial UV filter ever. It’s been accused of: πŸ‘‰ Penetrating skin and getting into the bloodstream, where it could potentially cause all kinds of harm. πŸ‘‰ Being an endocrine disruptor that interfere with the natural hormonal system. πŸ‘‰ Killing coral reef, comprising beautiful ecosystems. πŸ‘‰ Causing allergic reactions in people […]

  • matrixyl 3000

    Is Matrixyl 3000 A New And Improved Version Of Anti-Aging Peptide Matrixyl?

    Did you know that Matrixyl isn’t just one ingredient? There’s the original Matrixyl and there’s Matrixyl 3000, a distant cousin developed by the same corporation, Sederma. Yep, just when you thought skincare couldn’t have become more confusing… Matrixyl 3000 is said to be a better version than it predecessor, yet not many skincare brands are […]

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    Is Alcohol In Skincare As Bad As Paula Begoun Says?

    Is alcohol for skin, really? Whenever your skin feels tight and dry after using a new skincare product, it’s easy to jump to conclusions and blame it all on alcohol. This controversial ingredient is accused of every possible skin crime you can think of: πŸ‘‰ It terribly dries out and dehydrates skin. πŸ‘‰ It kills […]